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Forecast Survey Q4 2014

With a thriving tech economy, ballooning valuations and an IPO market humming at a level unseen since the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, headlines have lately, inevitably been raising the specter of another tech bubble — and asking whether a corresponding collapse is at hand. The answer, according to technology leaders, is a resounding no.

That's the conclusion from the fourth annual Technology Leaders Forecast Survey, a poll of more than 200 technology executives and investors developed by DLA Piper and PitchBook, a research firm for private equity and venture capital.

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Forecast Survey Q4 2012

In the face of global economic headwinds and amid a high-stakes 2012 presidential election, technology leaders – ever focused on the promise of the future – are seeking clarity with respect to the economic, regulatory and political landscape.

This was the pervasive theme throughout DLA Piper's fifth Technology Leaders Forecast survey, which was developed in conjunction with the firm’s 2012 Global Technology Leaders Summit.

Will there be greater economic certainty following November's election? What is the direction of tax policy? Will the next administration ease regulations – or increase the regulatory burden? How will China's role in technology development and financing evolve? Will the IPO market cool down or heat up? What are the most promising and challenging areas for the technology economy?

This is just a sampling of the issues addressed in DLA Piper's latest survey of the major trends, challenges and oppor tunities confronting the technology industry.

DLA Piper Technology Leaders Forecast survey - Q4 2012

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Forecast Survey Q1 2012

An overwhelming majority of technology business leaders (95%) expect continued growth for the economy for the remainder of 2012. Just 3% expect a slowdown in the economy and about 1 in 10 expect economic growth to accelerate. This is a positive sign from a group of business leaders that have accurately predicted the economic climate over the course of the economic recession and recovery.

DLA Piper Technology Leaders Forecast survey - Q1 2012


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Forecast Survey 2010

Download a PDF of the 2010 Results

On the heels of one of the most severe economic downturns of the last century, and amid a continued sluggish global economy, the DLA Piper Technology Leaders Forecast Survey found that industry leaders are confident of continued economic recovery and project moderately increased sales revenues for tech companies over the next six- to 12 months.

The survey, measuring the attitudes and perspectives of top executives within the technology industry, reveals that close to 85 percent of technology and venture capital executives believe the global economy is on a sustained path of economic recovery. This is a notable increase in confidence over the survey DLA Piper commissioned just six months ago, when 69 percent of technology leaders projected that an economic recovery was at hand.