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Damon C. Matteo

Damon C. Matteo
Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer
Palo Alto Research Center

Damon C. Matteo is Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), where he is chartered with the direction of all aspects of PARC operation which touch innovation assets, including selecting research investments, the strategic management of innovation assets and their commercialization. 

With an emphasis on creating significant impact, Mr. Matteo's career over spans 20 years across all facets of the strategic creation, management and commercialization/monetization of high-value innovations and intellectual property assets – all in an international context.  On the innovation side, Mr. Matteo's efforts focus on developing advantaged technology positions that capture (or create) advantaged market positions.  Operating in this advantaged intersection of market and technology, Mr. Matteo manages these innovations as a portfolio of unique corporate assets, optimizing between the investment, risk and returns attendant to their commercial use, alternative monetization and legal options.  He regularly employs vehicles such as new business creation (startups/spinouts), M&A, licensing, assertion, and venture/strategic funding, and even develops novel business models to maximize returns from these assets.  Mr. Matteo has successfully completed transactions representing organizations in the US, Europe, and Asia ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups, as well as universities and national laboratories.  A number of these transactions, aside from their strategic benefits, were themselves valued at over US$100 million.  In creating and commercializing such innovations, Mr. Matteo operates across industry and technology domains which span mobile computing and smart phones, big data, social networking, energy and clean tech (e.g. solar and water), web and e-commerce, computer and consumer electronics, networking (e.g. interoperability and security) and telecom.

Before joining PARC, Mr. Matteo was at Hewlett-Packard, where he was brought in to create and manage a world-class licensing organization and  directed the company’s worldwide intellectual property transactions.  In addition, Mr. Matteo has worked for multinational corporations such as Xerox, startups, national laboratories such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and universities, such as the University Of California).  He has also lived and worked for several years in both Asia and Europe, where he acquired "native" international experience.

In recognition of his professional standing, Mr. Matteo has received numerous awards and distinctions, among them being named one of the "Fifty Most Influential People in Intellectual Property" by both Intellectual Asset Magazine and Managing Intellectual Property magazine; receiving the National Technology Transfer Excellence Award from the US federal government; being named to NewsLink "Profile In Excellence" for technology transactions; receiving the "R&D 100 Award" from R&D Magazine; and being named a Senior Distinguished Fellow of the Center For Advanced Technology for his research into high-technology intellectual asset creation and value extraction. 

Mr. Matteo currently serves as a two-term Chairman of the US Patent and Trademark Office's Public Advisory Committee, which operates like a board Of directors for the USPTO.  Other board memberships include the European Center For Intellectual Property Studies and the Silicon Valley Licensing Executive Society Chapter, which he serves as Chair.  Mr. Matteo also serves as an expert for the US Congress, federal agencies such as the Department Of Commerce and SEC, the United Nations, at trial and for corporations worldwide.

A recognized thought leader dedicated to developing new theory and advancing best practices in realizing value from innovation assets, Mr. Matteo is also a recurring byline columnist, an author, the subject of frequent interviews and a sought-after lecturer at graduate universities and professional organizations worldwide.  Publications as varied as Nihon Keizai Shimbun (日本経済新聞), Intellectual Asset Magazine, Inventors Digest, World IP Review, the Register and have interviewed him.  A popular invited speaker, Mr. Matteo lectures for professional organizations and universities in the US, Asia and Europe including the graduate schools at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, MIT, Tsinghua University (Beijing), as well as such organizations as The Wall Street Journal, Licensing Executives Society, IP Business Congress, Management Roundtable, Venture Capital Task Force, Association of University Technology Managers and myriad law firms.